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Corinthia Simmons-Burney is a native Floridian, a member of The Authors Guild of America, and a licensed, ordained minister and Christian-Faith clergy. She is authorized to perform all standard Christian services, including the rites of marriage and baptism, and is the founder of The Spiritual Empowerment – Hopeful Joy Ministry. She has also served as an adult Sunday school teacher under the leadership of Chief Cornerstone of Hope Outreach Ministry in Hollywood, Florida.


Mrs. Burney is a powerful advocate for numerous public health concerns. As a Consumer Safety Inspector in the food processing industry for over ten years, she provided oversight that ensured the safety, wholeness and proper labeling of a wide variety of consumables. Additionally, she harnessed her passion for bodily health and developed her own brand of skin care product, Fabulous MICOR, a natural, handcrafted product, free of harsh chemicals and additives. The author contributes her time, energy and resources to a variety of humanitarian causes, including advocating for suicide awareness and prevention, clean air and water, and treatment for mental health and substance abuse. She has partnered with numerous, globally responsible charitable organizations, vigorously supporting and defending the rights of those suffering from poverty and substandard living conditions.


In her spare time, Mrs. Burney enjoys the outdoors, four-wheel roller skating and walking. She welcomes readers to share their lives, experiences, challenges and triumphs, and hopes to continue to expand her reach, bringing God's word to the citizens of the world, and helping humanity to achieve true spiritual success. / Exclusively Available On Online Book Store January 2020